After slogging hard for months with endless sleepless nights, finally the time is here where you are free with your exams, assignments, and books. All you need after your exams is time to relax, quality time with friends and family, space to analyze your future plans and most importantly, some time for your own self.


Suddenly getting so much free time may shove you into a situation where you may get confused and wonder what to do next. Here’s some suggestions that might help you:




After thrusting your head in books, it is finally the time when you just sit back and relax. Don’t overthink about the exams. They are gone and it’s time to move on. Thinking about the result will only pile up to give you anxiety. 



Pulling those all-nighters with innumerable cups of coffee and trying hard ‘not’ to doze off has finally ended. Sleep is what you wanted, sleep is what you get. You can also indulge in food like never before. Visit your favorite restaurants or the best place to eat or go street hopping, mouth- watering delicacies await you.



The exam season usually doesn’t let you watch the recently-released movies. So, if you’re a great fan of cinema and web series, you must have been dying to watch those. We do feel you! But now that you can, go download and enjoy all that stuff you couldn’t watch during your exams. You could also watch the best Netflix series to binge watch right now



If you’re a keen reader, this is a good time to keep all the course books aside and get hold of some good novels or stories. There are many best seller books available in market, you can pick up your choice of topics and fields that you like. And if writing interests you, grab your pen paper and write down fictional or non fictional pieces. You can now finally complete your incomplete work and write down your journal. There are plenty of publication houses now who can help you publish your book or journal free. 



The best way to refresh your mind is a get together with your friends. Invite your close friends, classmates, cousins for a party at home, asking everyone to get home-cooked meals, so as to enjoy the variety. Friends can buy online ready to cook at a best price, since there are many apps available at Google Play Store Apps that would help their parents to coordinate easily. Catchy music, a few games and all-night talks will definitely lighten up everybody’s mood. 



The pressure of academics often makes you push your hobbies on the back burner. So this is the time when you can give wings to your passion. Hobbies are what keep us alive and relieve the mind of unwanted stresses, boost creativity and instill positivity. You may list down your hobbies, choose the most popular hobbies or the unique one that you always wanted to follow unconditionally. 



Humankind plays to survive and survives to play. After the exams, going out and playing the games that interests you the most, seems like a breath of fresh air, dont forget to carry your sports shoes, sports bike and sports wear, they are not only made to add on fun but also help you perform the best. The best thing about a sport is that it will also help you shed those extra kilos you gained while you were glued to your books. Call your friends and family for indoor games like ludo or carom and outdoor games like badminton or football. 



For those who are career oriented can look for internship opportunities or connect with NGOs. Except for adding to your CV, these opportunities will equip you with skills and prepare you for the corporate world. One can explore foreign internship opportunities as well since the entire world is focusing online work environment and there are enormous opportunities open for all.



Your own city might be having some good unexplored places, which you can search for and plan to visit. Exploring such places in your own city could also turn out to be a never-to-be-forgotten trip. You never know what that place has to offer. You may find some unique handicrafts that are not found at branded stores. 



Although, you might don’t want to look at the books right now, eventually you must set a planner for the next semester. Look at the academic calendar of your education institution, your syllabus, your books and set goals for the upcoming semester. You need to star searching for the best institutions of your preferred subjects so that you can plan in advance your further studies before it gets late and admissions are closed. 


We hope this list gave you some ideas about what to do now that your exams are finally over, and that you enjoy this summer because you definitely deserve to! At the end, don’t keep calm because exams are over. Pamper yourself after you emerge as a warrior. Feel proud that you sailed through.



Stay bindaas! Rock on!


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