Penny Stocks are low-priced and traded in high volumes in the equity market. Since its low-price nature buying and selling happens in large quality. They are available at National Stock Exchange (NSE) or  at Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) for trading, traded electronically where investors trade them through equity crowdfunding platforms. Once you buy these stocks, you represent ownership in their businesses. As we already gave the details description about Penny Stocks so we are not discussing what are Penny Stocks. We suggest one to read our article and have thorough study before you invest in any dear stock.

We advise if you have 100 $ in your pocket and you want to start investing in shares, invest only 25 $ never ever invest entire money that you have, well planned financial planning would last longer, securing or saving money for your future expenditures is highly essential. If you invest entire money you have and in case you need money on urgent basis you would be sure to sell your share in unfavorable situations and incur losses, that situation would not be in your control in that case. We never recommend someone to borrow money, mortgage property or gold and take a loan, invest only what you have, rest is your choice.

A small good news or some positive development in a company can create speculative movement, share price rises (its called Bull Market), appositive to that when there is any negative news, share price falls (its called Bear Market), both situation creates huge volume sell and buy of shares.

Always differentiate between business, investment and gamble. When there is Penny Stock with low price it attracts huge investments due to that many people fail terribly if they start gambling. As we hear slow and steady wins the race this formula applies in equity share market too. Never plan to earn quick money you would rather lose your money quickly.

With enough knowledge sharing, here we are presenting A LIST OF TOP 10 BEST PENNY STOCKS OR TOP 10 BEST MULTIBAGGER STOCKS, YEAR 2021 IN INDIA


S.N. Company  Share Price as on 22-03-2021
1 Reliance Power Ltd 4.49
2 Reliance Capital Ltd 11.55
3 Sintex Industry Ltd 3.80
4 Sintex Plastic Technology Ltd 3.65
5 Rolta India Limited 3.95
6 SICAL Logistics Ltd. 10.45
7 MIC Electronics Limited 0.85
8 Zenith Health Care 6.37
9 Jaiprakash Associate Limited 7.00
10 Sanco Industry Ltd 9.70

Do not put your entire money on a single share, have a diversified portfolio, you would have choice to manage fund smartly and wisely. Let’s say if you have invested in Top 10 demanding shares and in that one or two shares do not perform well then may be other remaining share give a good return. Also keep in mind that diversification should not be so much that you are unable to track and manage.

Treat investment like growing a tree it takes years to grow and you need to nurture gradually and regularly, same goes with shares put small money on regular basis, have enough patience. Never ever have greed and don’t get tempted with sudden price fall or sudden shot up always follow some strategy and disciple.

Buy only those share that you think would never sell and keep them forever, again rephrasing never try quick buy and quick sell. If you think quick entry in some shares and quick exit then don’t fall in such captivating trap.

This above-mentioned LIST OF TOP 10 BEST PENNY STOCKS OR TOP 10 BEST MULTIBAGGER STOCKS, YEAR 2021 IN INDIA may vary based on various fundamentals, time and situation. One may find it random stock list as well.

The last thing to keep in mind before you start investing in share market that share my also delist or wipe up entirely in such situation your whole share price be zero and you would not get single penny. Shareholders are last to get money if some money left with the company in case of bankruptcy or insolvency.

In our concluding words we term profit in shares market is a reward for your patience and loss is the penalty of your hurriedness.

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Share trading is subject to market risks, study carefully before you invest in any stock. Investing in stock market would be completely your decision and profits and losses are associated with it. DU Assassins would not be held responsible for profits or losses your incur. The objective is this article is knowledge sharing.

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