If you search for the meaning you will get multitude meanings some of them are :

  • Its reason for being enclosed joy, a sense of a cause and meaning and feeling of prosperity.
  • It’s derived from iki, meaning life and kai, meaning the understanding of hopes and expectations.
  • But the show stealer has to be A REASON TO POUNCE OUT OF BED EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

Japan has a predominance of a belief that everyone has an ikigai. And in the opinion of the natives of Japanese island Okinawa – longest living people of the world it is the key to a fulfilled and a longer life.

Encouraging and comforting, this account will offer you the life-changing means to unleash your personal ikigai. It will teach you how to leave urgency behind, find your cause and purpose, nurture relationships and give all in to follow your passions.

Hygge :  A little account of Danish’s way to live life well.

Hygge is one of those beautiful Danish words which cannot be directly translated into English. Most likely it means togetherness, solace or warmth.  It’s the feeling that you get when you snuggle with someone you love. The peace you feel when you are around someone you trust. It’s that feeling when you share food with your close ones. It’s those mornings with cold, dark sky when light breaks through the clouds and makes the sky blue again and everything seems right again.


Step aside hygge. The new Scandi way of living trend is taking over the world like crazy which is widely known as lagom. This amusing illustrated book gives low-key idea of this transformative approach to living one’s life. Again there is no apt translation to the word but most probably it means ‘not too much’ ‘not too’ little just ‘right’.

This book is all unique with the title itself and is worth reading it once as it throws light on the aspects which most of us barely know. It teaches a brand new technique to lead our lives.

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