Some of Hansraj college students were barred from entering a college seminar on ‘Urban Naxalism’. They were barred from the seminar because the organisers thought they would question the panel.

According to reports they were removed from the auditorium just before the beginning of the event.

The students barred brought up the issue with the administration and police who told them that they had no control over the organisers allowed in.

The event was organised by ‘Group of Intellectuals and Academicians (GIA)’. The event had panelists like filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri as chief speaker. ABVP national organising secretary Sunil Ambedkar as chief guest and Supreme Court advocate Monika Arora as keynote speaker. Primarily a right-wing event , some students alleged that the auditorium was full with like minded people and those who could ask questions were removed before the event.

A student who runs a YouTube news channel was the witness to the students led out, Abhishek Kavya told that the Shivam an economics student was removed.
Shivam, a member of Youth for Swaraj, the student wing of the Swaraj Abhiyan told he had gone to the seminar with his friend Shaskank. They both were asked to move towards the end and when insisted on staying there they were removed. The students wanted to pose questions to the panelists but we’re removed.

Shivam also told that he recognised that the volunteers were from ABVP and identified one as Rishabh Behar, who supposingly knew him as Shivam had been conducting events for Youth for Swaraj outside the college.

He also alleged that other students from different organizations like All India Students Association were also present but were not removed since they were in larger number.

Another student and member of National Students Union of Indian (NSUI), was also barred from entering the auditorium.

The Youth for Swaraj called the removal of Shivam from auditorium as another incident of hooliganism in Delhi University.

The students have demanded that the college should come out with a clarification on are the outside organisers allowed to bar students from entering an open program without any reasons.

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