Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM) comes first in the list

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In our entire life course, we are faced with numerous opportunities to decide from options. The choices we make have a great impact on our lives. Therefore, it is very important to make wise choices at the right time and place. Having said that, students have certainly been in a course vs college debate. Although there is no absolute correct answer to it, this article reveals some imperative points.

Imagine this – you graduated recently with flying colours. Now your relatives ask you about your future. Will you do your masters? F

rom where are you planning to get your MBA or PGDM?

Although, you might not like the constant poking action of theirs, but this is a serious question. Do you want to choose a course over a college? Or do you want to pursue your higher education from a reputed institution?

Well, when it comes to choosing a colle

ge for masters, Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM) comes first in the list.

Pros of IMM

  • The name and rank says it all. IMM is surely a better option which can be the Ivy college of your dreams.
  • The best thing about IMM is that it has a wide range of subjects to choose from. Get the subject that catches your interest and there you are on your way to success.
  • Audacious choice friends! Since you have a branded college name in your CV, how you cannot stand out from others? Therefore, ultimately you’ll be living a lavish life.
  • Now, there’s an engrossing fact! The faculty is highly qualified and brainy. They are trained to support you and appreciate your success.
  • The dandy life offered by IMM will surely not bore you. Brush up your skills with various certification courses provided by the institution.
  • The infrastructure is stupendous. It has the best place to hangout, best food in the canteen, and the best classroom! Do I need to add more?
  • However, if you think that all these advantages will cost you a lot, well, I would like to prove you wrong. IMM asks for a minimal amount of tuition fees that is affordable.

Cons of IMM

Sorry! I don’t see any cons. Do you?

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