A list of 10 top hangout places for Delhi University students

A list of 10 top hangout places for Delhi University students

College is often regarded as one of the most beautiful periods of one’s life. It’s time for us to move out of our homes, away from our parents’ shadows, and discover the true meaning of freedom. It’s time to figure out who we are on our own, make lifelong friends, make mistakes and learn from them, see the world with our own eyes, and most importantly, make a lot of memories that we will cherish forever.

If you’re a DU student, that’s just the icing on the cake because, despite being one of India’s many elite institutions, offering well-experienced teachers, intriguing infrastructure, and top-notch curriculum and education, It has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and enjoyment, which a college student is usually seeking for.

Unfortunately, owing to COVID last year, all educational institutions in India and throughout the world were shut down, and college life was merely reduced to the screen of a laptop. However, with the number of covid cases reducing every day and a widespread immunization push, the situation is improving, and Delhi University has already announced a phased return to offline mode. So don’t worry, your turn will come around soon, and whenever it does, we’ll be here to assist you live the college life you’ve always dreamed!!


  1. HUDSON LANE – Who doesn’t want a Farmhouse Pizza, cheesy penne spaghetti, or a thick chocolate brownie shake while dancing to the music and having a good time with their pals. Are you looking for such a place? Well then Hudson lane has to be your destination. It offers the greatest cafés with a menu that includes all of your favourite cuisines at an affordable price. These cafés also provide a pleasant ambiance in which you may relax and get a break from monotonous lectures of your professors.
  2. Kamla Nagar Market – Kamla nagar or popularly known as K-nag is  the focal point for all off-campus events. On the streets of Kamla Nagar, a great variety of food is offered at extremely low costs. It’s also paradise for shopaholics, since it has all of the latest outfits and accessories in one convenient location. There are several well-known shops, like Chacha Di Hatti, Berco, Barista, and Bittu Tikki Wala, among others.
  3. The Ridge, Timarpur – The Ridge, commonly known as ‘Bonta,’ is one of the most peaceful areas on campus. Many fitness freaks, cyclists, and couples may be seen here chatting about idlers and pals. However, keep an eye out for the monkeys and dogs that wander the area. During the monsoon and winter, it feels more alive. This is a fantastic location to take your emotions and rejuvenate your mind after a long day of lectures.
  4. Sorijini Nagar- Sarojni Nager is Delhi’s most famous market, and every student likes to go there. It’s the ideal location for shopaholics. Amazing outfits, footwear, purses, and jewellery may be found here at a very low price. Not only that, but you can also get some pretty tasty meals here. There are a variety of stores where you can get your favourite food at the cheapest price.
  5. Majnu Ka Tila, New Aruna Nagar: Majnu ka Tila (also known as MKT) is also known as ‘Little Tibet’ in Delhi. This location is not just a shopper’s dream and a centre for youths to play video games and purchase Tibetan souvenirs, but it is also one of Delhi’s fastest growing culinary destinations, with its tiny and twisting alleyways, colourful Tibetan flags, and the gentle and beautiful sound of Tibetan prayer bells.There are several cafes here, such as Ama Cafe, Tee Dee Restaurant, Rigo, and others, that serve great cuisine at reasonable prices. All in all it’s a good investment.
  6. Hauz Khas village:- The Hauz Khas Village, or HKV, in South Delhi is the ideal blend of the gorgeous past and the roaring raging present. Along with a mosque, a reservoir, an ancient specimen of the Delhi Sultanate’s architectural magnificence, and rich with wildlife and vegetation, this location proudly claims one of the greatest party spots in town. The hamlet preserves its old-world beauty, which is complemented by well-kept green parks with walks and beautiful trees all around, as well as market and residential complexes that have sprouted up around it. This is the ideal location for a weekend picnic.
  7. Ambience mall – When it comes to shopping or relaxing, malls have always been the first choice. It covers everything from shopping to eating to movies to gaming. Ambience Mall is one such mall near Delhi University. There are a few Gift & Specialty Shops in the mall, as well as a huge variety of foreign brands to choose from. Life Style, Shoppers Stop, Arrow, Forever21, Hamleys, Body Shop, Croma, Reliance Digital, and Big Bazaar are just a handful of the stores that cater to all of your everyday requirements.
  8. Delhi Haat – The DILLI HAAT offers the atmosphere of a typical Rural Haat or village market, but with a modern twist. A synthesis of crafts, cuisine, and cultural activities may be found here. This Food and Craft Bazar is a veritable treasure trove of Indian culture, handicrafts, and regional cuisines. A one-of-a-kind market in the city’s centre, it showcases the diversity of Indian culture on a continuous basis.
    Step inside the complex for a really memorable experience, whether it’s shopping for one-of-a-kind ethnic products, sampling regional specialties, or simply unwinding with friends in the evening.
  9. Lajpat Nagar– Lajpat Nagar is a popular shopping area where you can get whatever you desire – accessories, clothes, footwear, bags, etc. The garments at Hakoba range from saris and salwar kameezes for women to kurtas and kurtis for both men and women. The Lucknowi embroidery, which is mostly done in white-colour is a speciality here. Not only is it limited to shopping, but also it is known for its famous food stalls like Dolma Aunty’s Momos and Ram Ladoo and its chat.
  10. Connaught place – When it comes to shopping in Delhi, there is no better spot than Connaught Place, the city’s shopping mecca. Thousands of visitors travel to the centre of Delhi, known as CP, to shop, hang out with friends, or simply spend time at the adjacent landmarks like Bangla Sahib, India gate  etc. Connaught Place is a circular building that houses some of the world’s most well-known international companies ranging from clothing to food franchises and in case it’s the end of the month it has Janpath just beside it to cater to your needs. So CP can never disappoint you!!
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