The Placement Cell, in collaboration with the English Department of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, welcomed renowned career counselor Ms. Usha Albuquerque to the campus on 26th September, 2018.

A former DD News anchor and counselor of international repute, Ms. Albuquerque had created great hype and excitement amongst the students much before her arrival. The students turned out in large numbers to hear the celebrity speaker.

She was welcomed gracefully by the faculty members of Placement Cell and English Department. This was followed by her felicitation by the respected Principal ma’am, Dr. Man Mohan Kaur. Convenors from both the societies gave her detailed introduction and set the dice rolling for the session. Much to the expectations of everyone, the counselling session was immensely decorated by the guest speaker’s wisdom and aura.

The session comprised of guidance regarding the “way of thinking” towards the career, step-wise-step analysis of one’s choice regarding a particular career, emerging career options and most importantly, the question-answer round.


The audience made the best of it. The seminar remained interactive with various doubts and questions being asked by the attendants. With the diverse knowledge about career and education that Ms Albuquerque imparted, the students were left spellbound with clarity in their minds.
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