“Fake” marksheet submitted by Ankiv Basoya is one of the 200 to be scrutinized by DU

ankiv basoya

DUSU’S newly elected president Ankiv Basoya has been alleged of  marksheet and documents. Delhi university has reportedly decided to collect all these ‘fake’ marksheet allegations against him with another 200 such cases and put them all through authenticity checks , this was decided at a meeting by DU’s Department of Buddhist Studies , where Basoya is doing a master’s course .

As reported by administration , they have received around a dozen complaints against these 200 students and now all of them will be scrutinized , although there’s no time set for this.

The process includes : certificates will be first scrutinized by Delhi University, then issuing university will check for clarity and further verification. They aren’t sure about the total time that will be taken . Impartiality has to be followed.

Sources have said that the ‘fake ’ marksheet issue can be resolved in a few days since the matters is now in hands of Delhi university and it will supposed write to Thiruvalluvar university and make the process faster.

Other student groups feel that DU is protecting Baisoya especially after he has been alleged of submitting fake marksheet . They feel that instead of filing a case against him and cancelling his admission , they are shielding him so that he doesn’t suffers and completes his course.

NSUI had circulated photocopy of Ankiv fake marksheet to gain admission . Thiruvalluvar university subsequently confirmed that it was a fake marksheet.

Baisoya has also said that he submitted a Thiruvalluvar university marksheet to DU and that he studied B.A. ( Pass) in Vellore from 2013 to 2016 . However when investigation was done it was found that he had enrolled in B.A. Vocational Studies in 2013 and withdrew his admission in 2016.

Dean informed Baisoya that his admission in two regular courses simultaneously would not be minded as such since he was awarded just one degree in the end.

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