JOSH TALKS – 1st Time in the History of SGND KHALSA COLLEGE

josh talks

“You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great” .These  words by Henry Hinton Zigler are an apt description of #start which is in collaboration between Facebook and Josh Talks.The Event shall be held in SGND KHALSA COLLEGE today(27th September 2018) represents a milestone for Udyamita , The Entrepreneurship cell. Featured in the top 50 startups of India ,2017 and the “Asia 30 under 30 “ list in the eminent FORBES magazine (2018) ,Josh Talks represent a revolutionary platform for successful people of various fields to share their experiences and wisdom .The event featured prominent  guest speakers; Ms. Sonal Kapoor ,the founder of Protsahan and a crusader against child sexual  abuse .

josh talks

Seeking to empower women and children on the very fringes of the society ,she is leading a tireless  campaign against the horrors plaguing of the society .The second speaker was Ms.Meghna Saraogi ,the founder of the startup styledotme  which is creating waves in the startup scene and has revolutionary new innovations ,even filing a patent in Augmented Reality Technology .

josh talks

Josh talks campaign team Ms.Agrima Rathore,Ms.Devyani Verma and Ms.Soumya Singhal were also the guest of the event which saw an attendance of over 250 students .The event started with the guest speaker being felicitated by Dr. Manmohan Kaur ,the Principal and Dr. G.S Sood, the convenor of the society .Both speaker emphasized on the need of courage, the need to have your own path and the need to treat challenges as motivation and never allow anyone to navigate your life for you .

The Event proceed with Ms. Agrima Rathore taking the stage to emphasize on the viability of Facebook,Instagram and other social media sites as effective marketing tools where only requirement is a creative mind and some initiative .The event ended on this practical note .Overall event went quite smoothly and in as streamlined manner as  possible.Credit is due to the members of the society who managed the event professionally  despite the high footfall.

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