Law is not law if it violates the principles of eternal justice. Again the law of our country has been ruined by the shameful acts of powerful persons.Almost 22 years ago, in jan 1996 Priyadarshini Matto a 23 year old Delhi university student was murdered and raped ruthlessly.In 1999, Santosh singh the son of IPS Officer and former joint police commissioner  of Delhi police JP Singh was acquitted in 1999. In Oct 2006 he was convicted by high court was awarded  death sentence but in 2010 his death sentence was commuted into life imprisonment by supreme court.But now again our govt i having a soft heart for him as the Delhi sentence review board is thinking upon his name to get his punishment finished earlier.This is a complete violation of the its own rules as the law clearly states that a person who is convicted of both murder and rape and whose death sentence has been commuted into life imprisonment cant come out of the jail within less than 20 years.Then why  board is favoring Santosh Singh who has spent less than 16 years in jail and falls in both the categories

This decision of board will not only lead to violation of its own rules but it would also lead to injustice and lack of harmony in the society . It is big stigma on our govt if it favours such a person who has committed such a heinous crime.Just because someone belongs to a big and a famous family one cant escape from his punishment. I would also like to ask all the citizens that why always people like Matto always get affected and why people who commit such acts remains safe. The basic behind such thing is our hypocrite nature where we all are ready to go on a strike with a burning candle but are afraid to speak against such people

So in a nutshell I would like to say that this law which is created by us , should be maintained by us and also regulated by us. It is our foremost duty to protect it from people like santosh singh otherwise there wont be any difference between animals and humans. So mr Satender jain and other 6 board members it is humble request to look into the matter and take corrective steps unless it would be too late.

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