Spotting the increasing rate of crime committed by youth , lately a 20 year old student named Anshu pursuing first year BA programme from Swami Shraddhanand College of Delhi university was arrested alongwith six associates for the assassination of two brothers in Haryana alongwith murder they were also charged against thrashing the victim and making him a laughing stock in their village in sonepat .

The whole incident came to light when Anshu was arrested from Najafgarh in outer Delhi where he was visiting his relatives and still possessed an illegal weapon , however his six associates had already been arrested by the Haryana police . On further investigation the Dwarka Deputy Commissioner of Police ( DCP ) Anto Alphonse informed the PTI reporting agency that during investigation the accused revealed that he had fallen into the company of anti social elements which quite obviously paved the way to his criminal activities as he got indulged in committing crimes under their influence while studying at Swami Shraddhanand College situated at Alipur .

On further interrogation the accused revealed that last year he had gotten into fight over some pity issue with 25 year old deceased Ashish nicknamed Ashu hailing from Halalpur in Haryana , Ashish had been thrashed , also extending the crime scene infuriated Anshu was driven by the urge of seeking revenge he called up his friends , to name them , kartik , Sandeep , Mannu , Rohit and Arun from Narela and conspired to attack Ashish , in September this year . Now the six of them stooping down to mad revenge open fired at Ashish and also his brother Himanshu who came to rescue his brother but ended up with both of them giving up on their life on the spot .Alongwith this a 7.65 mm pistol and two live cartridges were confiscated from Anshu .

The incident not being the only one of itself brings in light the extensive indulgence of youth in anti social activities due to peer pressure , inappropriate company , feeling of enmity or many other reasons which further leads them resorting to such henious crimes , especially in the case of Anshu just starting the journey of his college life instead of getting chanelised to resourceful work ended up behind the bars .

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