MHA to SC : Universities are permitted to reopen to conduct final year exams

ugc statement on final exams

New Delhi : Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday has informed Supreme Court of India about the final year exams. Centre also informed that Universities are permitted to reopen to conduct final exams.

Supreme Court has directed UGC and MHA to file its reply on the final year exams before next hearing. The matter will be heard tomorrow morning. The petition pleas to cancel final year exams and award degrees on IA.

It was also observed that many IIT’s and IIM’s have also promoted final batch this year due to COVID-19. Many students have lost there jobs and MBA plans due to delay in results.

Manish Sisodia in an interview yesterday stated that in India Exam’s are just to evaluate students. No one can judge students knowledge in 3 hours of examination. BJP should sit together and decide on this urgent matter he said.

UGC also submitted their affidavit today and oppose the decision of Delhi and Maharashtra Govt.

Why UGC is not cancelling Exams?

UGC final year exams

University Grant Commission (UGC) are focusing on maintaining the educational standards of country. Cancelling the examination in India will effect lakhs of students in future.

According to HRD minister, if exams get cancelled students will not able to stand together in the competitive race. UGC also said that many developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia and Germany are conducting Exams then how India can cancel such exams.

Political issue on Final year exams

Unfortunately, this issue is now a political issue. On one side there is BJP and on other side there is non BJP (i.e AAP, Congress, etc). Supreme Court hearing against UGC decision is delaying verdict because of SG Tushar Mehta.

SG have asked for more time from SC in the last hearing because they have not filed counter affidavit. Supreme Court has also granted 3 days to them. Now the matter will be heard tomorrow, August 14. It is expected that the case will be closed tomorrow and verdict will be pronounced.

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