Delhi, Maharashtra refuse to conduct final year exams, SC to decide soon

ugc statement on final exams

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Monday allowed time to the University Grants Commission (UGC) to react to the affidavits documented by Maharashtra and Delhi governments.

They submitted they won’t conduct the final year exams at state colleges according to the round.

SG Tushar Mehta, showing up for the UGC, presented that Maharashtra and Delhi have recorded an oath. They have taken a choice that they won’t lead the assessment in state colleges and have dropped the tests.

“It is against the UGC rules. UGC is the main body that can endorse rules for giving a degree. States can’t change rules. It’s not in light of a legitimate concern for understudies to not have tests,” Mehta said.

supreme court hearing du

A seat of the pinnacle court, headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan, allowed time to Mehta to document a reaction to the affirmations recorded by Maharashtra and Delhi and dismissed the issue for additional conference on August 14.

Mehta said that the students need to keep planning for exams. If Exams are not directed, the students won’t be allowed degrees. “Degrees wouldn’t be perceived if there is no test,” he said.

The direction for the candidate told the court that the UGC rule for holding tests before the finish of September isn’t legitimate or unavoidably substantial.

The peak court was hearing a clump of petitions testing an UGC guidelines dated July 6. Guidelines ordered the colleges the nation over to direct the last term tests before the finish of September. The supplications looked for the abrogation of the last term tests taking into account COVID-19.

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