Every Semester, hundreds of students get detain in law faculty due to shortage of attendance . This year around 450 students of DU Law faculty were detained .
Delhi High Court is quite concern about the matter and asked DU to take some action regarding this matter. Justice Rekha Palli asked DU officials to arrange supplementary exams after conducting at least 139 hours of extra classes or tutorials . According to her it is not just the students fault for their shortage of attendance but faculty responsibility for not conducting enough classes to satisfy the criteria under the BCI rule.
This case was filed by the third year students of law for their justices. Students are quite unhappy as they are not allowed to give their examination which is quite clear from the following statements :-

-) “There were appointments of teachers in the beginning of this semester because of which the classes were disrupted in the beginning. Also, there are so many mistakes in the final attendance list. Some students having attendance lower than mine but have been issued admit cards,” said a second-year LLB student.

-) “We were not told that the option of signing an affidavit will not be given to us. We were kept in the dark,” said a third-year student.

On the befalf of students Advocate Himanshu Dhuper , take the case forward in the court. He highlight students point of view in this case .

After reviewing this case . The High Court gave its final verdict that the student’s attendance has not been reliably marked by concerned faculty and attendance sheet is not maintain properly too. Hence The faculty of law must allow those of its students who were detained from giving their end-semester examinations due to shortage of attendance after supplementary lesson said by Justice Rekha Palli.

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