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We all know that first impression lasts. So, when a student goes for the first day at college, he/she aims to have the best impression on everyone. But the question arises what must a student carry with him/her at first day of college.

Well, a register is the most basic thing which a student must carry. A register to note down everything essential told to them or even the time table.

Next basic thing is a water bottle. Not all students prefer drinking water from the water cooler at college and they prefer bringing their own water bottles. With the water bottle, one may carry lunch with them if they don’t have a strong digestive system or if they prefer food from home. Canteen food is available but some students being health conscious prefer home food.

The next need that arises is to carry a smile on your face while interacting with people at college. One must always have a warm attitude towards others so as to get recognition.

Not to forget, be on time at your first day to college. Teachers don’t really appreciate a student entering late at their orientation day.

Your attitude is defined by how you carry yourself. Now, carry yourself doesn’t mean how you walk , it includes how you dress up, how you look at things and how your personality defines you when you walk to college.

Thus, at your first day at college, you must not fear the new place, just carry the necessary things and be confident with a smile on your face.

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