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It’s not necessary for you to be a food blogger to visit and witness the taste of some exotic locations and food hotspots in the area nearby you. Here’s a foodie guide which is a must visit / must eat places.

1) Big Yellow Door

This place needs no introduction. Most importantly this is the restaurant a hit among the college crowd but attracts customers from elsewhere as well.

2) Scooter on the Wall

The cafe has a shiny, silver scooter on its wall! On the streets of Satyaniketan, this cafe is famous for its fusion food, continental dishes and a versatile menu. Their menu is emboised on the wall with interesting food items named in a way to make a mark on your mind.

3) QD’s

The place is best known for its spicy tandoori momos , but you should also try the lemon chicken fry and burnt garlic fish. QD’s provides you with complete blend of filling Indian cuisine. A wide variety of platters is also available here, from Butter Chicken to Dal Makhani this variety and combo makes it unique and most wanted among others.

4) Woodbox Cafe

The wooden décor of the café does justice to the name. Situated at the end of the street of Satyaniketan, this cafe shouldn’t be missed.

5) Echoes

Eat. Engage. Energize. This is a cafe with a noble cause. As it is known to be managed by differently- abled staff. They have innovative concepts like switches on each table which light up the bulb and people can communicate their order with the help of placards.

6) Diggin

A restaurant with a variety of delicacies from its menu. A vareity starting from Fried Prawn Calamari with Zucchini fries and Seafood Risotto and to All Pork Sandwich (one of its kind), with Bacon Strips and more. With Mint Oreo Shake with Hazelnut Pie completes your meal with sweet perfection.

7) Hunger Strike

Synonym for Tandoori Momos. If you like those stuffed little momos with spicy red schezwan chutney, come this way. The place is a must visit for you. If you ever pass by this joint, do not skip the mouth watering dish the tandoori chicken momos.

8) Old Town Cafe

A small little down to earth food joint, famous for its cupcakes. After toxicated college classes and boring lectures, this super cute little cozy place is there to treat you with refreshing coffee and with some quick bites like sandwiches & waffles.

9) The Bounty

The bounty resides to cater and hosts the orginal and untouched taste of the traditional North Indian and Chinese food lovers. The restaurant is loved by students and families alike. Try out their Chicken Drums . And for desserts they have the best ever-green Indian dessert, Kulfi.

10) Young, Wild and Free

A warm and cozy corner which will not only take care of your hunger but also takes you back to your childhood memories. Grab a book, or play a game , this place is known for its cool vibe. Sultan of Swings, Turkish Chicken and Cloud no. 9 are some of the bestsellers here.

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