Final year degree is not a Corona Degree

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The University Grant Commission (UGC) and MHRD stated few days back that final year student’s cannot be promoted without final exam’s and all universities across india need to conduct final year exam’s.

The UGC Guidelines also mentioned that it is necessary for universities to conduct exam’s by semester end. The decision was not accepted by 7 states namely odisha, Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, West bengal and Tamil Nadu.

HRD minister statement on Degree

HRD Minister stated that if final year student’s will be promoted without having final exam’s then there degree will be wasted and student’s will have to suffer in future. Companies will not give them Job’s because they know that student’s were promoted without having exam’s.

Student’s views on the Minister statement

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Many student’s across the nation don’t accept the statement because of several reasons. Firstly, there is a simple fact that everyone know’s student’s don’t study all subjects in one semester or year. Our curriculum which is designed itself by UGC was divided into several parts which we study every year.

Final year student’s have gave 5 semester’s without skipping any exam that means all student’s have studied and passed 84% syllabus. Educational Minister and UGC must be aware of this thing that in the last semester no course includes important subjects. Last semester is easy and scoring for student’s in order to score good grades.

Secondly, UGC have introduced CBCS which University of Delhi follows. In CBCS, our subjects are divided into six semesters amounting 148 Credits in total. Out of which final year student’s have gave and passed 5 semesters. From 26 subjects student’s already gave 22 subjects in the last 5 semesters.

According to a professor, final year student’s have already completed and passed 84% of the programme. Final semester includes 25% internal Assessment which amounts 4% weight-age from last semester. Now, student’s need to pass that 12% pending assessment which can be cancelled technically.

If student’s have passed 88% of the syllabus then how final year degree will be marked as a Corona Degree? Fact remains the same that last year semester don’t have more important subjects than 1st or 2nd year.

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