Add on Courses introduced by Shyam lal college for 2020-21

shyam lal college degree

Center for skill development of Shyam lal college in collaboration with BSE institute Ltd. and university of delhi is providing additional or add on courses for student’s. Registrations for add-on courses are already opened.

Certificate course in stock trading

This course is provided in collaboration with BSE institute. Mastering the stock market (Crash course) with a duration of 30 hours and Mastering the stock Market (detailed course) with a duration of 100 hours will be provided. Eligibilty for the course is 10+2.

Certificate course in foreign language

The trend of foreign languages is increasing in India and nowadays many MNC’s are providing good job opportunities to young aspirants who have learned such languages. This college will provide you with a certificate course in German/ Spanish/ French/ Chinese/ Japanese/Korean language.

Diploma Course in Foreign Language:

  1. German/Spanish/French
    Eligiblility: Candidates who have passed the Certificate Examination of the University of Delhi in a language or an examination recognised as equivalent thereto.
  2. Japanese
    Eligiblility: Candidates who have passed the Certificate Examination of the University of Delhi in a Japanese language.

Advanced diploma course in French language

The student’s who have already passed the diploma examination conducted by university of delhi can opt this advance diploma course in french language.

advance dimploma in dlehi university

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