Farewell ‘da’ Season

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It’s April and another session is coming to an end. One year subtracted from the college life, and for some, it is not only the session but another phase of life ending.

The laughter and the tears, drama and silent treatment, breakups and makeups, and much more. Life goes serious in a second.

The nervousness of another phase starting and the pressure of getting either a job or admission in another course gets you to have mini existential crisis with i-‘scream’ meltdowns.

Before you go crazy in the madness of nerves, enjoy the small amount of time left in the college life for it is-


                     Farewell ‘da’ Season

If you ignore the whole other set of nerves of finding the perfect saree or the perfect tuxedo or the dress and blah blah, you will see that this is the time you will remember the most (not to forget you will learn the most life lessons during this time).

No matter how much you want to grow up and take responsibility (which is unlikely), you will get a bit teary eyed thinking about all the time you have spend in this building or rather outside this building.

Enjoy these two months (even the exams), kyunki ye farewell da season hai,

oh Bhai ye exam date season bhi hai.

All the best to all the “soon” to be graduates.

By somya puri

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