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Starting this year, Delhi University is going to conduct Entrance Exams for the intake of students for courses in a more systematic way.

News has been that exams for nine courses will most likely be held in May-

1) Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
2) BA Business Economics

3) Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis)
4) Bachelor of Science in physical education health education & sports

5) B Tech (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations)
6) Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed)

7) B.A.(H.) Multimedia and Mass Communication
8) B.A.(H.) Music
The date of registration in these courses have not been finalized yet, but sources have told that there is a committee setup which is looking into the matter and the date is going to be finalized and announced soon.

For admission in other Undergraduate Courses, the process will remain the same as before – on the basis of cutoffs. It is being taken that this year the cutoffs, most probably, will not be as high as every year.

By somya puri

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