Amigos, listen up! Exam days are at the brink. Had fun the whole semester and/or worked at college societies? No clue about the syllabus? Now, we can’t provide you either with the Doraemon’s Computer pencil or the Memory bread (that certainly didn’t work for Nobita, so wouldn’t pin your hopes on that either) but what we can do is prime you and provide you with some doable study hacks. So, now that we all are on board and ready for flunking the exams, let’s dive into the list, shall we?

1. Living this era, we know how distracting these mobile devices can be, but we forget that technology was originally invented for our assistance, not our bane. Thus, to remind you of that, we have compiled a curated list of apps that will not only help you away from your devices but also become an accessory in motivating you to achieve your goals–

• Cold Turkey Writer
• Forest
• Rescue Time
• Y-Productive
• Clockify
• Tide Pomodoro
• Block Site
• Freedom
• Discord
• Coach Me
• Beeminder
• Stickk

2. PROCRASTINATION! We all are aware of this sloth cum nightmare that haunts us during the daytime. This is one of the biggest vices among all. But fear not, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution. Some of you may have heard of a technique called the Pomodoro technique. For those who haven’t, we will guide you by the degree.
First, select one task, since the Pomodoro technique isn’t a big fan of multi-tasking, and set the timer for 25 minutes. Once you have set the timer, work as intensely as possible on that one task for 25 minutes. If any distraction knocks at your brain, write it down on a piece of paper. Now, when this 25-minute session is over, you can grace yourself with a 5-minute break. Repeat this loop three more times and once you have achieved that, you can take a longer break.
A side note though, make sure you use a timer and not a mental note or a clock. This ensures that you are not distracted by the clock after every five seconds.
Now, you can make some of your own tweaks in this technique. For instance, you can combine this technique with the Cold Turkey writer app which will only allow you to write for the time duration set by you.

3. Now that the exams are at a stone’s throw, we won’t bore you with the lame “timetable plans” or the “importance of consistent studying”, which do not work, at least not in this multiverse. Smart work goes a long way. You must have heard some successful entrepreneurs say that smart work is the key to success. If the hardest working person were to become the richest man alive, then the rickshaw pullers would top the list. So that said, we advise you to know your teacher’s favorite topics and understand your teacher’s expectations. Once that’s achieved, study only those very topics.

4. Use study aids like flashcards, flowcharts, diagrams, acronyms, and metaphors. Don’t underestimate the power of cheesy and catchy songs, they might be your best friend after all.

5. Culminating this list by one of the most, if not the most, important point ie., avoid exam anxiety by avoiding caffeinated drinks and going to bed early.

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