Hopelessness is a feeling or state of despair which people want to avoid at all cost. When your dreams go unaccomplished, not because you failed to work hard but because you didn’t have the means to accomplish it; the state that you are left in is hopelessness.


The students of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi University as the members of the Connecting Dreams Foundation, have undertaken the ‘Dream Library initiative to remove disparity from the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children. The mission Dream Library, headed by Arpita Sharda and Atishay Jain, involves the creation of libraries in schools for deprived children across the National Capital Region.

Dream Library (3)After successfully implementing two libraries in ‘The School Under the Bridge’ and ‘The School Under the Tree’ near the Yamuna Bank last year, the team has now set a higher goal of implementing three libraries on the 14th of November 2018.

Out of numerous schools that were in dire need of books, the team, as a result of various visits and analysis has decided to implement the project in 3 schools in east Delhi. Efforts have been made to provide a greater variety of books for the students and to meet their educational as well as co- curricular requirements. The project is a powerful step to make an impact in the lives of 1500+ students

of various schools and makes a significant contribution in the field of education, which is primary for national growth.


This mission is not an act of social service but one of social empowerment because these efforts and their results will ensure the self-sufficiency of the future generations. At the end of each book donated there is a note on which a child who completes reading that book writes his wish and at the end of the year they come back to the team and it is our responsibility to connect these kids to their dreams.

This initiative teaches us to be responsible future citizens and strive to work harder in the future.

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