NSUI After the stigmatic allegations against the Dusu president Ankiv baisoya with respect to the much controversial fake marksheet issue , where the Vellore University clearly took a firm stand saying that Baisoya was never enrolled with it , The National Student’s Union of India (NSUI) slammed Delhi university for engaging in “dilatory tactics” in the way of conducting the probe . The Delhi high court on Monday posted the hearing in Ankiv Baisoya case . After this the varsity’s committee was asked to submit it’s report including all the findings which it eventually failed to present on November 12 .

Focusing on the bigger picture , serval stringent statements were put forward by student group saying “The DUSU election and its aftermath underscore the complete institutional capture of Delhi University by the BJP and its affiliates , what also needs to be noticed is the evm tampering and malpractices under the cover of bullying as after disregarding blatant on-record violence by ABVP Vice President candidate, Shakti Singh, mysteriously malfunctioning EVMs, the DU administration is trying to procrastinate and deliberately delay the verification/inquiry of Ankiv Baisoya’s fake certificates” .

It also vehemently accused the university authorities of delaying the probe to intentionally prevent a re-election for the post, which is necessitated as per the Lyngdoh Committee guidelines, in situations of a major post in the union falling vacant within two months of the election.As clearly in this case as per the Lyngdoh guidelines after the threshold of two months, the next ranked office-bearer takes the charge of the vacant post, who in this case happens to be the Vice President. The union was elected on September 13 .

One of the major accusation were made by the NSUI saying “The Delhi University administrative authorities have shown themselves to be in service of a common fraud… exposing themselves to be servile to the interests of thugs and cheats,” .

Well covering multiple paradigms as such , allegations have not just been made by NSUI but also joining the bandwagon another student group, All India Students’ Association (AISA), affiliated to the Communist Party of India-Marxist-Leninist, also railed against the university, accusing it of being in collusion with the BJP.

“We believe that Ankiv Baisoya was not just a case of fake degree but the bowing down of India’s top university in front of the BJP,” it said.

Reverting back to the news articles and reports a major fact that stands clear is that Baisoya came under the scanner for allegedly using fake educational certificates when Thiruvalluvar University of Vellore , Tamil Nadu, issued a letter clearly stating that he was never enrolled with it or any institution affiliated to it.

He is accused of faking documents from Thiruvalluvar University to take admission in the Delhi University’s department of Buddhist Studies, whose Dean K.T.S. Sarao is heading the inquiry against him.Well apart from the allegations and probes what strikes the mind of not just the students but the whole educational arena as such is probably the bigger picture of “dirty politics” involving malpractices and the phenomena of “overuse or rather missus of power” and an even bigger issue which is disturbing becomes the servile attitude of authorities .

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