Encode – The Internship Cell of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

Encode – The Internship Cell of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College under the Centre for Skill Development has had a memorable journey in this academic year. Having come into existence in 2016, it has reached amazing heights in this short life it has had.
They began this year with a bang when they had an organisation named “Talerang” collaborating with them for their Orientation programme. After recruiting a talented team of 40 odd individuals, they set out for a journey which turned memorable for all the members and the college as well.
They organised various seminars on themes like “Media”, “Cyber Crime” etc in the month of October in addition to their principle task of getting recruiters to hire interns. There were 15+ Internships across various profiles that were put up on their page. Came the next semester and they did something never done before.
They arranged for a Photoshop workshop which was very well received by all the students and carried a lot to learn. But the final roar was yet to be heard. On 14th March, they had their flagship event.
“INTERNOVATE 2.0” – The Annual Internship Fair of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College was organised and this time it was way better than the rest. With the student number touching 400, and 30 companies gracing the campus of their college, they had set the standards really high. The event turned out to be a blockbuster and this determined team finally tasted some success.

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