Enactus Shyam Lal College Evening is an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students to Improve the world through entrepreneurial Action. We provide a platform for teams of Outstanding university students to create community development projects that put People’s own ingenuity and talents at the center of improving their livelihoods. Guided By educators and supported by business Leaders, our students take the kind of Entrepreneurial approach  that empowers.

People to be a part of their own success. Our Work transforms both the lives of the people we  serve,  and in  turn,  the lives of our Students as they develop into more effective, values-driven leaders.

Enactus Shyam Lal College Evening, we believe investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all. dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators.


Project Swabhimaan initiated after research and analyzing the deteriorating stage of women hygiene. Specially in rural areas where women could not afford necessities regarding menstrual hygiene which results in problems and diseases. Women consider these issues very lightly and ignorance become major problem which can cause some harmful effects later. Whereas even some women are not aware about menstrual health at menstrual stage they use clothes etc which is harmful. It is important to let knowledge prevail among young girls since an early stage about menstrual health and hygiene


An interactive session was held on 20th February, 2018 on the topic “Why Women Hygiene is Important” in collaboration with team Womenite- Not- for-profit organisation in Seminar Hall, New Building.

The session was held in the presence of our principal sir, Dr. Pravin Kumar and Business Advisor Dr. Aditya P. Tripathi. Team womenite efficiently explained the topic through presentations and interaction with audience. And highlight of the session was a short movie on Arunachalam Murugunatham.

The session witnessed great participation by audience as they were enthusiastic to gain knowledge.Apeksha 3rd Year: The session including importance of women hygiene and various ways to take care of heath. Empowering women through educating them was the motto and prioritizing women health for a better nation and disease free nation is aim to be promoted. Later collection drive of sanitary napkins took place in which teachers and students actively participated and that was distributed to rural women.


With the motto, prioritizing Women Health, Enactus Shyam Lal College Evening went to a rural visit at Kailash nagar, Delhi to spread awareness on the topic women sanitization, Vaginal Discharge on 5th march, 2018.

Under Project SWABHIMAAN, our team Enactus Shyam Lal College Evening decided to take a step forward for betterment and to promote women hygiene issues to rural women who are otherwise preserved under a shell and not able to speak up for their health literacy .

Driven with our passion to make a difference, our team Enactus with the help of Asha foundation presented our views on what is vaginal discharge, precautions and home remedies available for excessive vaginal discharge. Free sanitary napkins were provided to women and an overwhelming response was witnessed which marked the success of our visit to rural area

3. AAGHAAZ- MeriBetiMetiTaakaat Event

Enactus Shyam Lal College Evening marked its presence in an event AAGHAAZ – MeriBetiMeriTaakat organized by District Magistrate,North Delhi is association with Womenite to celebrate international women day on March 10th ,2018 from 11:00 a.m onwards at Sector 10 Rohini opposite Swarn Jayanti Park, Delhi.

The highlights of the event were the performances and different stalls being set up by various organizations from around Delhi-NCR depicting their respective social work. The chief guest of the day was Deepa Karmarkar, the Olympic gymnast and various intellectuals.

Standing out of the box, the stall set up by team Enactus Shyam Lal College Evening was really appreciated by the crowd and the chief guest admired the presentation and our Project SWABHIMAAN.

our Enactus team explained the project that helped create awareness on the topic VAGINAL DISCHARGE, its problems and home remedies available. The hard work by team made a strong influence to promote the view to prioritize women health. The event ended successfully and team Enactus enthusiastically performed well to the cause.

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