Economics society – Hansraj college

The Hansraj Economics society is one of the most renowned societies of the DU circuit.

It was established with the objective of spreading knowledge amongst the students through various events and session and to stimulate interest in Economics beyond classrooms and create forums for students to discuss various economic issues.

Be it our joyful and mind-boggling events to our knowledgeable speaker sessions, this society has proved itself at every stage.

This society is not only about work but alot more than that. We work as a family, solving problems together and believe that effective interpersonal relationships form the cornerstone of success and satisfaction which makes people work with you and for you.

Here, we give opportunity to each and every member of the department and ensure that they utilize their potential both at the individual and the professional front.

This society stands for accepatance, honesty and perseverance and I take pride in announcing that our society has been listed in the Top 3 Economics society in Delhi University.

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