DU professor cheated for 17.5 lakhs


No doubt everyone in this world has dreams and dreams of our children are much more important than our own ones’. For fulling the desires of their children parents are ready to go to any extent. They don’t even mind even if they have to spend their own hard earned money like water. Just for one special smile on their faces parents are ready to do anything for them. But some people use this situation to benefit themselves and deceive the people for getting money. Here is an example of cheating.

Being fully educated and aware a Du professor also got trapped in the planning of a 4 people named as Ajeet kumar (26), Manish kumar (26), Idharth (25), Shahzad mussaraf(25) . All of them were running an enterprise known as saksham enlightenment and services. Prakash Rajan mondal the aggrieved party told the police on 30th November that he has paid 17.5 lakhs to this enterprise for getting his daughter daughter admitted in sapthagiri institute of medical sciences and research centre. They met him various times to get the money. But soon Mr Mondal judged that he has been caught in a trap and for coming out of it he seek help from the police. Later on police arrested all of them on the basis of phone calls records.

This is a miserable situation for everyone neither Mr mondal or his daughter get benefit nor the young men. It is just a time wasting act in which one lost his hard earned money and another lost their carrier, image, dignity. So be aware and be careful as there is no shortcut to success.

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