DU OBE Expedite Results : Students secured admission in Foreign universities can get early results

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New Delhi : As The Final year exams was delayed due to ongoing pandemic situation. Many final year students have secured their admissions in foreign universities. A lot of students have already paid there academic fees.

Due to delay in examination, the results will obviously get delayed. this delay can cause a huge loss to such students. Keeping in mind all the parameters, Hon’ble High Court has passed an order to provide expedite OBE results to such students.

As per Delhi University, the result declaration for all courses will start from September end and goes on till October end. Since, the declaration dates are very late and foreign universities cannot wait for students.

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Source : India today

Students can demand for early results (Only for students going abroad)

High Court have asked Delhi University to prepare a committee and a separate email id on which students can request to expedite their results. Students can also demand for comfort letter to be issued to foreign universities on the behlaf of students.

Email id for students going abroad : specialresultobe@exam1.du.ac.in

Students need to send an email on the above mentioned email id explaining the deadline of providing result. Students also need to attach relevant documents such as offer letter, requirements from university, etc.

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