DU Mock phase 1 : Many Technical glitches and site crashed again


Delhi University : Phase 1 of Delhi University Mock test has been started from today. The mocks once again seems to be another failure by delhi university. Another Mockery by delhi university is seen today on the name of Mock tests.

Delhi university have conducted these Mocks earlier as well starting July 4, which were also a big mockery. It was expected that DU is on full swing to conduct OBE smoothly without any technical issues, but from student’s fedback it is completly opposite.

OBE portal Crashed again

Hundreds of students have faced similar error while downloading the question paper. DU is quite confident in front of hon’ble court but the results of that confidence is here in front of us. The video is created by a Delhi University student, Tapsi Chadha and she posted it on her twitter handle.

Single Question Paper

It was quoted by Delhi High Court to DU that Mock should be exactly same as final paper will be, but again delhi university gave a single question paper containing some foolish questions to attempt.

The question paper was same for all courses and for all 3 slots. Some student’s also faced difficulties in uploading answer sheets.

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