DU Exams 2020 : OBE might be cancelled by Delhi High Court

delhi high court

New Delhi : The Delhi High court hearing took place today against Delhi University online exam’s before single bench of Justice Pratibha singh.

The High court had directed DU and common service centres (CSC) to submit a detailed report about the functioning of these centres across india. Delhi University examination dean, Vinay gupta also attended the hearing.

Justice Pratibha singh have asked some tough questions to Advocate dutta and vinay gupta on the present scenario of these centres. Pratibha asked whether these centres are working or not.

Common service centres issue

Petitioner lawyer Akash sinha have also questioned on the working these centres for today’s Mock test. He added “None of these centres are working today”.

Court have also questioned Delhi University on the total number of CSC in India currently working and asked to cross check which are working and which are not. According to the report, there are approximately 59,000 student’s from outside delhi and 12000 centres are present in India.

The actual report regarding how many are working is not submitted because the DU don’t have those details with them. HC convinced with the fact that DU is still not prepared for OBE.

HC also highlighted that Delhi University has not discussed with AC & AD members before finalizing of OBE. Petitioner submits that Nagaland is in complete lockdown, CSC are not working there.

Also, Authorities have not given permission to re-open such CSC in the states due to increase in covid cases. Court highlights “then how you can expect student’s to write exam’s without such CSC”.

Justice pratibha have also questioned DU “Why these centres are not working today? your Mock test phase 1 starts from today”. Vinay gupta replied “These centres will open on final exam, these are not for Mock test”.

Court again questioned “If student’s want to familiarize themselves with such mocks and dependent on CSC, what will they do?”

After a long heated argument between the court and DU, Court highlights that this matter is no longer non-adversial. “We will now be hearing this matter on the issues of law” court said.

Final Verdict expected on Friday

The final verdict of this case will be on Friday, 31 July and on the same day Supreme court will also be announcing final order. If delhi high court announces decision in the favour of student’s then OBE will be most likely cancelled.

As an alternative, Assignments or presentations based assessment will be done keeping in mind the performance of past 5 semesters.

On the other hand, Supreme court have also asked University Grant Commission (UGC) to file a reply within 3 days i.e by Wednesday and the matter will be heared for final verdict on July 31. On the same day, Bombay High court may also announce final verdict on similar petitions.

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