DU EXAMS 2020 : DU teachers doubt OBE, await evaluation guidelines

DU Exams

Delhi University Open Book Examination begins from today morning. The first day of the OBE was smooth enough for students. On the other hand, teachers expressed doubts on the evaluation guidelines.

Arun Attri, a teacher of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, said the new test mode has finished vulnerability for more than 2 lakh students who presently realize that since they have taken the tests, they will get their results and can apply for Masters asap.

He, said the open book test is anything but a possible alternative over the long haul for the varsity which is known for its commerce and humanities courses. “Such tests might be possible for building and science students. However won’t fill the need for business and humanities courses. They are more similar to tasks as opposed to tests,” Attri said. A teacher, mentioning namelessness, said such a method of assessment additionally raises worries over cheating and utilization of false methods by students.


He said instructors have found out about understudies sharing answers on social informing stages like WhatsApp. “It is highly unlikely to check such occurrences. The responses to numerous inquiries are effectively accessible on the web and students will simply duplicate them. How would we know whether an students has really comprehended what he has composed?

It is disadvantageous for the individuals who really put in difficult work and get ready for the tests,” the educator included. “The understudies are in contact with one another over WhatsApp. Indeed, even those understudies, who may not be happy to share answers, are compelled to do as such for the sake of fellowship. It is highly unlikely we can check this or keep a tab on it. In the event that I find a similar solution in 10 answer sheets, how am I expected to assess them?” another educator lamented.

Delhi University Teachers’ Association financial officer Abha Dev Habib said all students have a similar report material. “Prior, the students would visit libraries and take extra notes, yet because of the pandemic that has not been conceivable. I have sent similar notes to each understudy and they will depend on comparative material,” she said. Abha, who educates at Miranda House, said educators are anticipating clearness on how they will assess the appropriate response sheets.

“We don’t know whether we will be sent the appropriate response sheets or given a login to the gateway. We don’t know which programming will we use to assess the appropriate response sheets. There has been no preparation given to us on this,” she said. Pankaj Garg, previous scholarly committee part and an educator of Rajdhani College, agreed with Abha and said instructors will confront troubles in assessing the examinees.

“There is a reasonable chance that there would trade of the pages while examining and transferring, this would upset the grouping… instructors should be exceptionally cautious in interfacing every one of those pages which have a place with a similar inquiry,” he said. While filtering, a few pages might be obscured and it is hard to peruse them cautiously. It would be similarly hard to interface with the following page and thus, the coherence of the appropriate response would be lost, Garg said. For instructors, the most testing point would characteristic of pages, it appears that assessment would take any longer, he included.

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