The admission committee is planning on introducing a number of changes to the admission process for the session 2019-20. Benefits to students from villages to limit on the number of cancellations will be affected.

Admission coordinator, Rajeev Gupta said, “The date of admission will be announced when our preparations will be complete. It is highly unlikely to start the admissions in the first week of May.”

He further reported that there is no major apparent change in the DU admission process. He added that there are many misleading reports that are being circulated. The sports and ECA quotas are not going to be there. He said that they are going to have an official meet soon where all the rules and regulations will be announced and any such confusions and the falseness will be exposed.

5 per cent of supernumerary seats are given to sports and ECA which were capped, however, no official confirmation is achieved at this point.

Delhi University has also decided to give extra benefits to students coming from villages. The committee has reportedly advised that an online calculator be devised, which will help in calculating students’ best-of-four percentage according to the particular course.

The varsity is also planning on keeping a check on multiple cancellations since they hinder and delay the admission process. To stop this, they have decided on that the number of cancellations allowed will be one less than the number of cut-offs that are going to come out.

The academic council of the University of Delhi (DU) has given permission to 30 new courses to be introduced across colleges . The courses include both undergraduate and postgraduate level programmes which will be promulgated in a choice-based credit system (CBCS) from the coming academic year 2019-20 onwards. 10 vocational courses are also said to be launched which will give part-time certificates to students. 282 seats have been added across colleges which will be open to enrolment from the coming admissions.

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