Du admission is really acting as a big hurdle in the life of all new comers. The admission process is still not cleared to people . Many of them are going through various issues regarding the dates for commencement of registration process , sports trails etc. Students donā€™t know what to do and the university is just giving further dates . Earlier it was said that registration process is going to start from 15 April and will end on 7 May in  the PTI report.

As of now no dates has been declared by the university regarding the beginning of registration Ā process. Students are under the Ā state Ā of Ā complete stress as the results are going to be announced soon and the university is not giving a confirm date to them regarding the process.

This year the admission process is going to be different as there has been reforms in the admission criteria. Deduction of  marks  for changing the streams has been reduced to 2% from 5%.  Even there has been increase in the  seats of  ECAs by 10% . So this would be interesting to see whether this prove to be good or fatal for the students when the admission process starts.

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