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“The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity.”
 DU is also concern about the youth of the nation so to contribute in the development of youth other than studies it decide to discover other factor affecting a student life.   

DU is handling a handsome amount of projects for the development of youth which our concern to their health, social life , mental state and crime against youth.

Some of the project that  are enlisted below:
1) Mobile Healthcare : The Future of Health Management In India :- This project highlighted the cause and issues of chronic diseases . For the adequate management so to prevent they use mobile device to improve health.
2) Impact Of Social Networking Sites On The Indian Youth: A Study Of Their Life Styles And Its Effectiveness In Nation Building :-
This project is a study of the influence of social networking sites on youth like how easily they get influence.

3) Big Brand’s Quality Promise : Are They just words?

This project is to check the authenticity of claims made by big brands regarding their purity and quality .

4) A Journey From Girl to Individual : Adolescent life experiences :- Adolescence consider to be one of the crucial stage of life and for girl it is more crucial .This project aims to identify issues and provide awareness on mental, social and psychological perceptions.
  5) Lifestyle Interventions In stress Management : A study Among Delhi Youth

It aimed at rediscovering the fundamental principles of lifestyles described in Ayurveda as Aahaar(food), Vihar(exercise) and Vichaar(thinking).
6) Place and Crime In Delhi : A study for crime prevention through city planning.
The Objective of this project are to examine the impact of crime on urban mobility, identify crime pattern and map it 

7) A Study Of Familial Violence Faced By College Women Students

This project enquire  about the quality of life  experienced by young college students.

8) Modeling Metro Freeder Bus Service in University of Delhi, North Campus – Feasibility and Financial Viability.
It aims to create a financially and technically viable Metro feeder bus system for all commuters within the north campus.

9) Creating A More Enabling Environment For Differently – Abled Students In Universities In Delhi Through A Dropout Prevention Programme.
The study reveals the attitudinal barriers posed by the students and staff towards students with disabilities.

10) Development of E- Device Application For Students And Behavior Analysis.
This project presents a mobile app which is designed to extract information related to their attendance , continuous assessment etc.

The above mention projects are just a glimpse of the projects that are   handle by Delhi University.
Written by Radhika

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