well each one of us especially the Delhi University aspirants might have come across this statement time and again but as of now this statement stands on a slippery ground , why ? Well because the DU board members now plan to hold an entrance examination for admission in all undergraduate programmes starting next year ie 2019 .

So Enrolling yourself for a seat in Delhi University college won’t be as easy as before , especially for those doing all what they can to adjust their grades as these efforts might now prove less fruitful . Although the details of the entrance-based system are yet to be out, the chances of its implementation are high.

Though this is not the first time this discussion has made its way but the noticeable fact is that this time , “The admission committee panelling education experts, college principals and university faculty are going to take up the matter with regard to the admission year 2019-20”, says DU Vice Chancellor, Yogesh Tyagi.

As per the TOI report , Along with this, the university is likely to seek help from National Testing Agency (NTA) to extend its support to Jawaharlal Nehru University for conducting the JNU Entrance Examination (JNUEE).

Speaking on the role of NAT, Tyagi says that the admission committee would consider the possibility.

The cat in the room in this discussion remains the reason behind the need of conducting undergraduate entrance examinations which is the disparity of marks between students from differnt boards , moreover it will allow more students to sit for the examination as the eligibility will get low .

Discovering more on this , The admission committee is going to take up the matter of entrance exams with regard to the admission process of 2019-20. The committee is an independent panel that has education experts, college principals and faculty as members, VC Tyagi tells TOI.

As of now the university conducts computer-based entrance tests for nine undergraduate and post-graduate programmes, while admission for a majority of UG courses is determined based on the scores achieved by the student in his/her best four subjects in Class XII examinations. This decision might prove a boon to some and a bane to others determining not just the academic learning abilities of a student but also other parameters required for mastering entrance examinations .

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