After thousands of teachers affirmed for not including the draft of Ordinances emerging out of the University Grants Commission (UGC) regulations 2018, the University of Delhi has delayed the Academic council (AC) meeting for a week which was expected to be held on 12th December. As per the regulations, the Ordinances were meant for the recruitment and promotion of teachers.

On Friday, many Delhi University (DU) teachers had staged a protest at the members of Academic Council as well as Arts Faculty has also submitted a memorandum to the Vice Chancellor as the draft of ordinances emerging out of the UGC regulations 2018.

Though the meeting has been again delayed but still everyone is expecting that regulations will be added in the agenda items of the upcoming AC meeting
But If the DU will not implement the regulations as said by the UGC, many teacher’s careers will be ruined and finished, Pankaj Garg said!

As per the members of AC, there are 4000 teachers belongs to DU colleges whose promotion is pending since the last ten years. There are 11,000 teachers who working on adhoc basis.

As the AC meeting held after almost 18 months and now it has been again postponed.

In September 2018, UGC wrote to all the varsities who are situated across the country to make some provisions of maternity leave for employess who are in contact basis. A teacher on ad-hoc basis is appointed for 4 months against a vacant post. An ad hoc teacher may go on maternity leave for rest of the period of 4 months. Till then the College can appoint guest lecturers only so that the female ad hoc teacher who has gone leave can join college after the completion of her maternity leave.

Pankaj Garg, Member committee and Member, Academic Council said that presently , there is no provision of maternity leave for ad hoc teachers and mostly they are forced to join college after delivery within 2 days due to non availability of maternity leave under the fear of losing her job.

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