Covid-19 likely to stay till September indicates stat study in IIT Kharagpur

According to a study conducted by the professors of IIT Kharagpur, the coronavirus situation will continue to exist in India until the end of September.
The study shows that India has not yet developed a systematic pattern for the spread of the disease, which makes it difficult to predict anything for sure. However, with the help of the study, they plan to make suitable arrangements and address all the issues associated with the outbreak of the pandemic.

They have narrowed down a list of causes for the uneven spread of the disease across the country, including large scale migration of labourers, evolution of virus, different mobility patterns and change in diagnostic facilities. These factors are beyond the control of any one authority, and even though they do not suggest any specific outcomes, it is sure that the disease is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

According to microbiologists at Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, the months of July and August will probably be the worst hit by the virus. There may be decline in the number of positive cases after these two months. The removal of the lockdown and increased mobility of people have made it even more difficult to control the virus. Some studies also suggest the peak of the pandemic will be in November. Nevertheless, these studies have made it easier for people to plan things for the coming months.

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