Collectively on Monday, the 23 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) dissociated themselves from an organization called the IIT Alumni Council, which recently made news due to several high-value announcements, including a plan to set up a mega covid-19 testing laboratory and raise a social initiative of 21,000-crore for India.

The top technology and engineering schools also debarred the newly formed council from using IIT logos without the IIT system or individual IITs’ written permission.

In May, the IIT Alumni Council said it was establishing a mega laboratory with a capacity of 10 million covid-19 tests per month. On June 26, it announced a “21,000 crore mega fund initiative” which it called “the largest private social initiative ever to be created for India.”

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The council also has logos of all IITs on its website and claims to be the “nodal alumni body of Indian technology institutes” for alumni.

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