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Amaze, Inspire, Achieve!!!

These are not just words but the three strong pillars on which Comania stands. Since day one, we aimed to be the best versions of ourselves for reaching new heights and realising our true potential.

Giving opportunity to the juniors has always been our priority. Thus, after a powerful orientation, we selected a set of ambitious students who excellently stood up to all our expectations throughout the year. Starting things off early, we planned and developed two events in the off-season when societies hesitate to do so. Our unique fun-event ‘WTF : Where’s The Food’ was a huge success and procured a great footfall. We partnered with ‘Delhi Food Truck Festival’ for the event. The Online Event ‘Rise of the Planet of Apps’ followed immediately after and had success even when exams were close.

Our next activity was in January – a ‘Flashmob at NSS DCAC’s Annual Fest Aadya’. It turned out to be the most exhilarating performance of the day. We conducted multiple seminars for students on studying abroad to familiarise them with the opportunities available in different countries and institutes.

It was the time of the year when Commerce Societies become super-active. ‘Komercio – The Annual Commerce Fest of DCAC’ was approaching and we had begun toiling for making it memorable. We came up with three events for the glorious day. First was ‘Open Mic Competition’, organised in association with ‘Canvas Laugh Club’. Second was the distinctive life-sized Monopoly Game ‘Monolympics’. Finally, the third event was ‘Stock-o-Holic’ – our flagship event based on stock market trading. Each one of them was appreciated very well by the students and staff members and gathered a footfall from various colleges from the all over Delhi-NCR.

The Comania Family has always been together. Kind-hearted and supportive senior members with a group of energetic and hardworking young crew has made it exceptional. We look ahead to achieve greater goals in future.

DU Assassins Team wishes all the best to “COMANIA” to there new batch 2018-19


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