The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in an effort to give a push to aspirants to opt for vocational subjects, is in talks with the University of Delhi and other colleges and said to give more importance to vocational subjects.

If a vocational subject is included in the best of 4 subjects, the Delhi University deducts 2.5% marks from the ‘best of 4’ percentage through which admissions are operated at the university for its Honours courses.

CBSE offers total 50 vocational subjects, among which the most famous are media studies, physical education, painting, and sculpture. CBSE Secretary, Anurag Tripathi said that it is necessary to convey skill education to children. Vocational subjects are the very needed for future but in our country, they are not given priority. He also said that the total aspirants registered with the CBSE, less than 50,000 have taken up vocational subjects.

Tripathi said that from this year, it is allowed to count vocational subject be as the 5th subject. In case an aspirant has not done well in one of the academic subjects, an aspirant can involveve the marks obtained in his vocational subject.

In the past, University of Delhi has allowed vocational subjects like legal studies, home science and information practices in the ‘best of 4’ percentage calculation.

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