The very first day of your college while you enter those big gates, you’ll find a line of students with faces you won’t see after two months (read after elections).

Get ready for shaking hands with a never-ending line of students wanting your vote and support. They all will urge you to remember their name( Bas Naam Yaad Rakhna). With a bunch of parties thrown just for gaining your support(read vote), the first year will bring you a number of things to remember and regret.

Each year with admission, the college societies also start inducting new members. Make sure you enter at least one society of your choice. The number of societies available is infinite with popular Dramatics, Dance, Music, you also have Poetry, literary, Enactus and what not. Make sure you join a society of your like or you can explore.

Take part in the college freshers as it’s the first platform to make new friends and maybe a name.

Get along with your seniors, they’ll be the ones to guide you through the initial days till you’ll become an expert yourself. The first month will go in figuring out hang out spots and that godly photocopier wale bhaiya. Try and explore the college surroundings in the first year after the first year you’ll become lazy as f.

Be punctual in the starting days kyunki Abhi dilli ki hava lagegi and you’ll start bunking ( not all). The first semester’s attendance would be in two digits and above 60% on an average and magically over the semesters, it’ll start decreasing at a forever increasing rate.

As you’ll make it through the semester exams, another party of fest’s shall start. Attend all the fests you can don’t miss out on Mecca(Hindu), Tarang(LSR) and CrosSRoads(SRCC).

Have a blast and thrilling first year ahead.

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