Unlocking a list of top 10 latest fashion trends in campus

Generation Z, popularly known as Gen Z or zoomers are the succeeding millennials. And obviously their fashion sense has led to the resurgence of some wild, noteworthy trends. This generation is known for its edgy, bold and experimental disposition fashion often sets statement trends for design, patterns, color palettes, prints and material.


With the hottest days in the calendar now, we all know that the hottest accessory for this summer 2021 will be vaccination. However, you will need a perfect look for it. Therefore, let us look into some trend line-up for the hottest season.

  • The loose-fit trend

This summer, carry your unisex clothes like a pro. Distressed jeans, baggy mom jeans, oversized T-shirts, jumpers, baggy jackets and oversized tees seem to be a staple and very good in turning something into chic and uber stylish.


  • The hair scarf

The hair scarf is the ultimate clothing item to upgrade this season. Whether you want to escape the scorching heat or shield your head during the pandemic, the hair scarfs will make you stand out in the crowd. Be it eclectic, multi-hued prints or subtle, or silky satin material, head scarfs tell a fashionable story.


  • Black mask

As masks are the hottest makeup one needs, say hello to the black masks. The black color goes well with every color in the palate, it will give you a nice edgy, trendy dimension. You must have watched a lot of celebrities slaying with a black mask, then why not you?

  • Eye makeup

Today, eye shadow is considered the new lipstick. Tweak your eye makeup as eyes are the only visible part of the face. Try colored liner, lash extensions and mascara and experiment to get the boho-chic look and be visually pleasing.


  • Less jewelry is speaks more

Recently, ‘less is more’ has become the mantra while we are adjusting with the ‘new’ normal. The versatile lightweight ornaments, gives you a simple and elegant look which also compliments the summer season. A simple necklace or dangle earrings can make you shine out easily.


  • Love the stylish stretch

Another accessory that is trending to date is leggings. They have become a fashion fave and stretched into our lives with a sexy butt upgrade. Leggings are the new pants in the time of pandemic and are best for giving you a relaxed or prim look as you wish.


  • Sorbet Pastel Tones

The pastel tones have dominated the fashion market because of its versatility and suitability with any skin tone. The range varies from a boiler suit in cool mint green to an oversized trench coat in soft lavender to give you the perfect choicest style in the summer.

  • Yellow bags

With the sunny weather, a yellow colored bag is all you need to spice up your outfit. Choose a small clutch to carry all your necessary items as pandemic encourages it.

Experiment with numerous shades that suit your taste, and look incredible when paired with other vibrant hues or a monochromatic ensemble.


  • White knee high boots

Summer encourages not to expose skin much to avoid skin problems. Thus, swing back to the classic 60s dancers inspired footwear – the knee high white boots. It is the stylish way to elevate your look. Pair it with a patterned mini dress or skirt, a roll neck, or a funky pair of leggings for a sexy touch.


  • Mini sunnies

There is a new obsession for the mini sunglasses that serves the 90s vibe well. Protect your eyes from the sun rays while getting an athleisure look. Find some interesting shapes and shades to pair with your look.


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