A legal battle by sixteen students against Daulat Ram College to save their future because of the cancelation of their admissions following by the allegations of irregularities in admitting them under the sports quota.

Through a notice by the principal, Savita roy, the admission of 16 girls was cancelled on August 2, stating that their admission under the first list that was issued on July 9 stands cancelled and also asked them to re-register on August 4.

On August 7th, 12 out of 16 students where invited in another communique by the college to get their admission under different courses. However, no such offer was made to the rest of the four students who were alleged, to not have the merit to be a part of the college and they managed to get the admission into the college through favoritism.

With the help of a written petition the students were able to get a stay on the notice from the Delhi High Court. Also, the court informed the college to allow the students in the classes until the next hearing that is on October.

“Sixteen of us decided to not re-register ourselves and went to court because the principal said ‘girls with high scores who didn’t get chance earlier as they were not given their preferred subjects should be given a chance, and I feel bad about them, this is why you should re-register’. Which is unfair,” a student who stood to lose her seat told IANS.

On this, Roy still stood by her explanation and stated that she found that the UG bulletin was not followed by the sports committee while selecting the students. In tennis, the two reserved seats were given to first and forth rank candidates whereas, the second and third were asked to wait for the second list by the committee.

Kavita sharma, in charge of sports committee was removed from her post. Whereas now the former sports committee in charge accused the Principal of playing politics and claimed that she did nothing wrong.

Also, she have written to the college governing body against her removal.

At the same time, the council appearing for the students, accused the principal’s reasons to be unsound and arbitrary. They stated that even if they were irregularities, a procedure should be followed rather than directly sending the notice to the students. First, the principal cancelled all the 16 students admission but then she re-admitted 12 of them. There should be a record that those four students did something wrong.

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