New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party student wing, Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti (CYSS), is all set to make inroads into Delhi University Student Union this year. Interacting with the students, prominent AAP leader and Delhi Minister Gopal Rai informed that the party expressed interest to contest DUSU poll and will register their participation in the 2018-19 DUSU poll.

In a meeting with the students, the Minister preached on youths being the future of the country and highlighted the importance of education. The Aam Aadmi Party of Delhi is the only party in the country which has spent 25 per cent of the budget on the education of children. In order to avoid any child’s education due to poverty, the Aam Aadmi Party government imposed a loan provision up to Rs 10 lakh for the students in Delhi.

Moreover, Minister Rai requested that the students have to come forward for bringing positive changes. While some are engaged in ruining the country, some are also engaged in saving the country with full positivity. Even today, a group in the country is working to bring the country into a trough. We all have to face anti-national forces by gathering together, and once again the country has to be saved save from being ruined.
“In the past years, it has been observed that the DUSU elections are losing its transparency as well as credibility. The candidates face a number of problems due to irregularity in the implementation of rules and political pressure over parties involved, said NSUI in a statement.

The statement further said that as per the past incidences, in the case of Nikhil Yadav, the Presidential Candidate of NSUI (2016-17), there were complaints from various colleges on the polling day and allegations of unfair polling were made. Similarly, in the year 2017-18, Avinash Yadav, the Joint Secretary candidate of NSUI faced issue during the counting of votes

As a result, the candidate got the least number of days for campaigning, thereby making it unfair for him. Following the consequences, NSUI demanded certain provisions to be made for the upcoming elections to ensure higher transparency and credibility. “Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VPAT) machines must be used, counting should be done in front of the candidates/ polling agents to ensure increased transparency, decentralised control rooms must be set up in every college involved in DUSU elections from the date of notification till the voting day for prompt redressal of any grievance faced by the candidates and time duration for voting should be increased for the convenience of students,” read the NSUI statement.

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