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A campus is a place where you spend 3 years of your life, morning till evening and still do not get bored of it. Those walls become your favorite, you find your own hangout ‘adda’ in a quiet corner, cafeteria becomes your dining room, and college your second home. Delhi University is famous for its colleges with state-of-art campuses, great canteens and college lawns that’ll leave you amazed.

So,DU ASSASSINS brings to you the list of top 10 colleges with best campus surroundings :-

1.Shri Ram College Of Commerce:

With maintained building and super maintained auditorium, SRCC grabs one of the best infra in DU. The giant clock on the wall, and large beautiful campus can steal the gaze of every passer on the Delhi 7  road. Though this one do not need infra to attract its’ customers

2.S.G.T.B Khalsa College

With living Dynamites in the college, Khalsa is one of them which deserves to be watch out. With a super large sports ground, air conditioned class rooms, and most of all heavenly jannat ( the open sitting area), is worth to spend your next 3 years in!

3.Miranda House

Miranda, which takes up a leave to boys with a board of no entry, has a really sound infra if you get a chance to get in. Its beautiful campus built in British architectural style, is well planned and easy to loiter around because the watchman is a happy man! Miranda auditorium , evidence a lots of events throughout the year. So sneak in whenever get a chance, as not so far from the VV metro!

4.St. Stephens College

Known as one of the oldies of DU, doesn’t affect it’s infra. Maintenance service is one of the priority for the college. Built at the time of British Raj, the college infra definitely gives you a hinge as if walking in a royal European palace

5.Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College:

The just built new campus of DDUC in Dwarka, is a one which is going to be in the top notch list of DU. With a huge sports ground , massive library, spacious class rooms and a good sitting capacity auditorium, DDUC is a perfect treat for all.

6.Sri Guru Govind Singh College of Commerce

Campus situated in Netaji Subhash Place, can make you fall for, on the very first look. Its greenly campus with beautiful red brick building and majority Sardars make it one of the campus of DU which deserves a must-to-be-seen one. Other facilities like water, cafeteria, library, and sports ground as well, will provide you a good enough experience to spend your 3 years in

7.Jesus & Mary College

The Catholic majority college in Chanakyapuri, possesses a beautiful infra, with spacious class rooms and clean surroundings. Cafeteria, auditorium, labs, well furnished office area with beautiful lawn in the middle, add feathers to its wings ! Established in 1919, this is also one of the oldest college of DU, but good maintenance makes it shine now as well

8.Bhim Rao Ambedkar College

Built on the values, and principles of Baba Saheb, the college situated in East delhi is one of the eye capturing Landmark. The building rebuilt in the recent time has a well planned infra. The two-story library steals the show. Well maintained labs, water facility, sports ground, basket ball court, each of them are few fragments, which when joined completes a big collage of outstanding infrastructure. Keep your cameras on when got to visit!

9.Maharaja Agrasen College

College of the Lord of Baniyas, is astoundingly catchy. The newly built WiFi-enabled campus is well equipped with good laboratories. The cafeteria serves aromatic food all long the week at reasonable prices. The up to-date library and glam building makes it to score ten on ten on the course of infrastructure as one of the college in DU.

10.Zakir Hussain College

Last on the list but not the least definitely is Zakir Hussain college with its amazing infrastructure. The entry gate sneaks a view of the stairs at the very front, following the mahoosive basket ball court. Labs and updated library along with the elegant Auditorium steals the show, which makes it as the one to go for.

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