DUTA has written about the incapability of varsity regarding implementation of 10% quota for EWS of general category. They also added that the expenses regarding this should not be shifted upon students.  After the start of new academic session teachers want government to interfere in order to get this implemented. Government has given more than 150 crores to the varsity to expand their staff whether it’s teaching or non teaching and to implement the 10% quota.  

DUTA says that allocated money is not enough for all the requirements. More than 4500 teachers were denied permanent post as there have been very few interviews from many years and they all are working as ad hoc teachers.

In the letter written by DUTA they wrote about the consequences of this implementation. The posts for unreserved category will decrease but those teachers who will have to face it did their best. They also added to make this expansion worth it, additional posts should be released.

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