du admissions 2019

Following the approval of the executive council last week, Delhi University will soon appoint Director of North Campus.

Currently, the administration is run through posts of a Vice-Chancellor, Pro-V-C, Dean of Colleges and South Campus director who carries out functions of the Vice-Chancellor when on leave. To this administration panel. a new post will be added at the same level as the director of South Campus. The reason behind this proposal is the expansion of the university, especially on account of the inclusion of various quotas, which has increased the burden of work.

However, at least six members of the executive council held a different opinion on the proposal on grounds relating to the jurisdiction of the V-C in these matters and other issues.

It’s outside the Vice-Chancellor’s jurisdiction to specify the powers of the new director, with regard to academic and administrative matters, therefore the provision which allowed him to do so was meant to be carried out by the Executive Council. 

With the current Dean of South Campus occupying both the posts of Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of colleges as an additional charge, It also said that the resources to appoint the Dean of Colleges and Pro-Vice-Chancellor had “not been exhausted”, from his jurisdiction. This too, the objectors highlighted had not been cleared by the Council.