A good book is man’s best friend – 3 books for beginners

Now that we are stuck inside our houses for god knows how long due to which we aint able to meet our buddies, why not make new ones? And by friends I mean books! YES you saw that right; books can be our friends and that to one of the best ones as

  • A BOOK DOESN’T JUDGE YOU- you can read whatever genre you like , your book will never judge you plus if you don’t like your book you can very straightforwardly shut it up and start a new friendship with another book.
  • A BOOK NEVER LEAVES YOU– no matter what are you up to your book will never leave your side and never make you feel alone that to in such times when you crave the presence of your buddies. Trust me it helps!
  • A BOOK HELPS YOU GROW- A book will always play a major part in your growth. It always, always have something which will help you thrive and make your personality worth the commend.

Books are capable of uplifting one’s mood spontaneously and have so much to give us but never ask anything in return and that’s a trait of a very good friend. Reading is like having a conversation because books do talk and have the ability to take you around the places with the most powerful tool called IMAGINATION, just like an anywhere door.



Paulo Coelho’s captivating novel has persuaded a large following across nations. This story gleaming in its simplicity and mind-stirring wisdom, revolves around Santiago a shepherd who travels from Spain to the deserts of Egypt in search of a treasure that is buried near the pyramids. Along the way he has an encounter with a Gypsy woman, a man who calls himself king, and an alchemist, all whom directs them towards his treasure. No one knows but what starts out as a journey to find worldly goods turns into a discovery of what truly is in the treasure or will he able to finally reach his goal or not. Rich, suggestive, and deeply humane, the alchemist truly is an epitome of how transforming your dreams into reality starts from listening to your Description: The Alchemist Genre: Fiction, classics, fantasy, philosophy ...heart.


This is an account of MR. KALAM’S beautiful journey starting as an insignificant boy who ends up becoming the 11th president our nation. Besides being an amazing scientist he was a synonym of wisdom. The book highlights the ups and downs of his life and beautifully paints the struggles of Mr. Kalam during his lifetime. He tells his listeners about his hardships how he dealt with the failures with such grace. It offers so many incidents where he was on the verge of giving up but the very next moment stood up and fought like a warrior. He also talks about his family and their humbleness. He tells his readers about his mentors who shaped his thoughts and made him dream big. Long story short, this big provides you insight to his life and teaches you to become a fighter.

3. Moon walking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer

“An amazing investigation into the world of competitive memorization that turns into an in-depth study on the capacity, and limitations, of the human mind. The book provides a real appreciation for how our brains work that I find massively applicable in both my work and personal life.

Reading obviously helps you with your self confidence and makes you stand out the crowd because it stimulates your thoughts and helps you think outside the box. Reading books can surely help you to become a better man in every possible way. TRIED AND TESTED! So get yourself a true buddy now! HAPPY READING!

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