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Your encounter, however, will not just be with those hefty lectures, but with an entirely new lingo! To save you from that mini heart attack, when you hear these for real, we make your life simpler by decoding some of the coolest lingos that you’ll definitely come across in Delhi University, sooner or later. Get ready for a culture shock:

  1. Fuchchas: Commonly used for the Freshers or the first years, you will be called by this name quite often. This term is copyrighted and typically meant to be used in the gallerias of DU since no planet on this earth would use that for a first-year newbie, isn’t it? So, the next time you hear something like “Fuchcha Party” or “hey wassup you Fuchchas?” you know what they are talking about!
  1.  Goli Dena: As the name suggests, you are not going to kill anybody or cure their disease by serving them with a medicine. Goli Dena, in DU dictionary, stands for escaping out from a plan or a situation.
    If you have gained expertise of sneaking out from a movie plan that you absolutely hate or a party that you are sure is going to be boring, then congratulations, you have officially entered the group of “Golibaaz”.
  1. Bhasad: Please note, the moment you enter DU, your problems are no longer just problems, they are BHASADS!
    Seniors or juniors, fresher or final year students, everyone in the university is surrounded by their shares of bhasads and it will be quite interesting to unfold what these bhasads are, once you get comfortable with this weird-yet-fun term.
  1. Kat Gaya: “Bhai mera to aaj kat gaya!” is not a strange thing to hear, when in DU. You will often see people cribbing about how they were abducted by traffic cops for tripling or how they had to pay shit loads on a date with a girl, who said no later. The grief of going through this ‘kat gaya’ feeling is depressing and you surely don’t wish to face it ever.
  1. Bhains ki Aankh: Heard about something like “hitting the bull’s eye?” This is nowhere close to that. ‘Bhains ki Aankh’ stands out to be the most-used term, be it in North or in the South Campus of Delhi University.
    You’ll often see the students going the Indian way and avoid saying the F word, by saying this crazy proverb. Next time, when you hear such words, we’re sure you will avoid hunting for which eye of which Buffalo to refer!
  1. Vella/Velli: If you are wandering in the garden of your college or simply chilling in the cafeteria, get used to hearing this one. A free, rather jobless person in DU is nothing but a vella or velli.
    Think before whiling your days in the campus and let others do this too, as the pleasure that you will receive after calling a person vella is unimaginable.
  1. Jugaad: “Yaar naya phone lena hai apple wala, koi JUGAAD laga de”, is surely nothing less than a cool way to grab a favour, without even letting the other person know about it.
    The ultimate reality is, survival in Delhi is rather difficult if you don’t know how to make use of these jugaads. Want to make your sentence more impactful? Just add Bhai in the beginning and spot the difference yourself!
  1. Soc (Read as SOCK): Not a shortcut for any terrorist group or mischievous gang, Soc stands for the societies that DU is very famous for. When you are asked to be a part of DramSoc, you have been invited to join the dramatics society.
    Trust us, these Socs are not just fancy names, but provide a lot of exposure and will help you transform your personality for good. So go ahead and unleash the superstar in you using this great platform.
  1. Sheesha and Sutta: You must be aware of the historical significance of Hookah, but did you know it is also called ‘Sheesha’? Well, in DU, yes!

    Needless to say, DUites love party scenes and sheesha is the biggest party maker. Although smoking is prohibited in most of the colleges of DU, the chant (another DU lingo for smart) students have made their corners for their suttebaazi and sheeshagiri.

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