10 Things That Make DELHI UNIVERSITY, the Coolest University in India

Delhi University equates coolness. Want to know why?

1.A society for each and every interest you have:From dancing, to writing, to singing, to photography, to debating, to poetry, to reading Gandhi, to dreaming of becoming a civil servant, and so on; colleges in Delhi University have a fully functioning and exciting society for all of your interests. You have an interest, we have a society.




2. Competitions, summits and after parties:Once you get into Delhi University, it’s not just about studies anymore, you participate and organize various competitions, summits and learn a lot; but what’s best is the after parties. These will be the best parties you’ll ever witness and let you clearly see the wild side of the president of your society, department, college, etc.




3. Fests: There’s nothing that can beat fests. It’s not just about competitions here; it’s about a mandatory treasure hunt, AMAZING overpriced food and a concert which will make your night. Delhi University features one of the best fests in India like crossroads (SRCC), mecca (Hindu), nexus (Venky), etc. Wanna know why Delhi university students exude confidence; well they’ve dealt with stars like Vishal Shekhar and Atif Aslam.




4. Nobody gives a shit about what you wear:You can be in your boxers and people wouldn’t give a damn. At the same time you can be overdressed as hell, and people won’t really care. Life in Delhi University can be the most carefree life ever. However, you walking out in boxers might irritate your mother, just saying!




5. Awesome Campuses: Whether it’s a north campus, south campus or off Campus College, you’re assured of one thing if you’re in Delhi University, these campuses will be HUGE.  With lush green gardens, beautiful historical buildings and a definite sports complex, you’ll find yourself running to go from one class to another. But it also allows people to have their privacy! 😉




6. The cheapest, greasiest and yummy-ist food:Delhi University promises one of the cheapest food on and off campus; from your college canteens to students most desired QD’s, Big Yellow Door, Ricos, Tom Uncle’s Maggie Point etc. the food can be totally unhealthy but it won’t be heavy on your pockets. And it will be the best you’ve ever had!




7. The Ten Year Question Paper Series:Didn’t read a single page? Spent all your classes sleeping? Partying doesn’t let you study? It’s already exam time? Don’t worry! There is the 10 year series you can always rely on. Experts who pass their semesters only by a small margin every year can’t stop praising the wonder this book can do! This is the holy book of every DU-ite.




8. There is always a Jugaad: The Delhi University students are amazing at JUGAAD. From team work in internals to crying and acting to get attendance to the way too famous dialogue “fest ka pass arrange krwa de yaar”, we define as ‘jugaad’.




9. Being broke at all times of the year:We are always broke. We never have enough money; sorry, we never have money! The daily tea we have from the local vendor is on a udhaar basis. But we still manage to party all night!



10. Free food, movies toooo maaaaaaany excursions = elections:If you are suddenly getting a lot of attention from your seniors and tons of free food, it means that elections are round the corner. Every candidate is out to win your heart, and what’s better than having all your heart’s desires fulfilled. Every fuccha’s dream, right!



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